Hands off Syria! Communists in Turkey rally

“Imperialists and traitors – fear us!” was one slogan made at a demonstration by members of the Communist Party of Turkey (TKP) as thousands rallied to oppose the preparations being made by imperialism for war on Syria. On the road to Hatay in southern Turkey, protesters were stopped and arrested in Adana by police and state forces who were desperate to prevent the voice of the workers and oppressed from being heard. Members of the TKP unrolled a banner bearing the words “Hands off Syria!” and proceeded with an impromptu demonstration.

It is absolutely imperative that we in Britain step up our efforts to avoid the same horrendous fate befalling Syria as that which was inflicted on Libya. The workers parties and anti-war activists need to clear their heads of all the muddled thinking and get straight one single truth – “imperialism strives for domination, not democracy!”

A video of the protest can be seen here!