Harpal Brar debates against imperialism at Durham Union

CPGB-ML Chairman Harpal Brar speaks at the Durham Union opposing the motion “the West has the duty to impose democracy”. Pointing out that this is the new formulation of the old colonial expression that the west, and Britain in particular, had a “duty to civilize the colonies”, he goes on to state that imperialism does not seek democracy, it seeks domination.

Speaking against the mover of the motion, one Dr Mendoza, who works for a bourgeois ‘think tank’, and is in other words an ideological flunkey of the bourgeoisie, he uses a few well known modern day examples of Britain and the US “exporting democracy” from 10,000 feet, namely, Iraq, Afghanistan and Palestine, to illustrate the point.

These conflicts are about domination of the world’s resources, markets and labour, the source of all wealth, and not about “liberal interventionism” or humanitarianism.

The people of the world, left to themselves can solve their own problems in their own interests without imperialist intervention, and it is in the interests of British working people to make common cause with the anti-imperialist resistance if it ever wants to throw off its own chains and settle accounts with its own ruling class.