J. V. Stalin’s “Foundations of Leninism” published


The CPGB-ML has republished J. V. Stalin’s classic pamphlet Foundations of Leninism. The book is a reprint of the  Foreign Languages Press edition which was distributed around the world by the Communist Party of China in hundreds of thousands of copies in many languages during the 1960’s and 70’s.

The need for the newly published edition arose from the demand for copies by our young cadre and the increasing rarity of the Chinese and Soviet editions which for many years were common place in second hand bookshops but which are now drying up. The new edition, replicates in every respect the Chinese paperback and will be sold at party events and online to the next generation of revolutionaries who are seeking out Marxist-Leninist answers to today’s pressing questions. Members of Red Youth will be able to purchase copies at a discounted price, and prior to their sale on eBay, orders may be placed via sales@cpgb-ml.org.