Junior Doctors’ Strikes – Keep our NHS Public!

Dr Ranjeet Brar speaks at the Balham (Lambeth and SW London) meeting of Keep our NHS Public on the eve of the 6-7 April junior doctors strike.

The meeting was well attended and spirited with lively Q&A sessions from the floor, and contributions from Dr Youssef El-Gingihy, East End GP and author of the influential book ‘How to Dismantle the NHS in Ten Easy Steps’ and John Lister, Health journalist and co-founder of Health Campaigns ‘Together’ and ‘Keep our NHS Public’. We will put these contributions up shortly.


The three speeches together gave an excellent summary of the state of the NHS and the conspiracy to privatise the provision of our health service, which is also beautifully and succinctly explained in the following CPGB-ML leaflet: Save our NHS!  Download, print off and distribute copies in your hospital, clinic, workplace, school, college, university and community!


Jeremy Hunt – that great radicaliser – is part of the problem, but the Tory, Labour and Liberal parties have all played their part in planning, aiding and abetting the give-away. They have not sleepwalked into this situation, but carefully orchestrated it over a period of 40 years, to our detriment and the great financial advantage of a few huge capitalist corporations.


Health companies are literally making a killing. Richard Branson, you may be interested to know, is now running the largest GP practise in England – with 3.5 million patients. You may be assured that he is not running it as a charity – or indeed, for the benefit of our health!


Join us in fighting to save the NHS and reverse the capitalists’ concerted attempts to rob us of our health, to bail them out of economic crisis!


March with us on MAY 1st: Save our NHS!

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