Kim Jong Il memorial meeting in London

Introducing the History of Korea and the Life of Kim Jong Il – as it was in reality, not in the propaganda myths and racist slurs that abound in ‘our objective news media’.

Koreans have lost a dear leader, we all have lost a great comrade and a fearless friend of workers and the oppressed.

The US must stop its hostile economic, diplomatic and military moves against Korea. She must withdraw from the south and end the illegal partition of the Korean nation. The US led coalition of ‘UN’ / NATO forces has committed genocide against the Korean people, and has never had honest and peaceful intentions towards the DPRK, but continues to nurse hatred, animosity and colonial ambition. The US must be forced to sign a real and lasting peace treaty and normalize relations with the DPRK.

But the DPRK, under the leadership of the Workers’ Party of Korea, Kim Il Sung and Kim Jong Il has made it abundantly clear to all – that Korea will never be a colony again!

Korea is one! Defend Korea! Defend Korea’s right to defend herself!

Other speeches from this meeting:
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Red Youth Statement:

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Korean War (1950-53) History:

Jeju Massacre – S Korean fascists and US imperialists
For 50 years it has been a ‘thought crime’ to mention the atrocities of the S Korean Fascists and US imperialists. A phenomenon that is being repeated throughout the Baltic states with respect to the counter-revolutionary coups and massacres with which the people’s democracies were ended in 1989-91.