Manchester Meeting on Imperialism and War


Manchester this past June hosted the latest in a series of presentations organized by the Communist Party on the subject of imperialism and war, with specific reference to the recent fascist coup in the Ukraine.

As in previous meetings in Birmingham and Glasgow, an absolute agreement was reached in regard to the support of anti-imperialist Russia and China, who remain to this day the ultimate targets of US-Anglo imperialist aggression for their key part in preventing total global domination under imperialism.

The fascist coup in the Ukraine is no exception to this rule. It’s intention is two-fold, both domestic and foreign. Domestically, the ploy is to suppress all working class mobilization and to drag the Ukraine through yet another class-dividing recession, maintaining the rule of the bourgeoisie and the continued exploitation of the former Soviet republic. On the international front, the manoeuvre bears the purpose of maximizing tensions with Russia through aggravation, intimidation and direct aggression, as well as providing imperialism with yet another NATO base on Russia’s doorstep.

Undoubtedly imperialism is positioning its pawns on all fronts for the next instalment of inter-imperialist warfare, and the heightening tensions between the US and Germany, plus Japan’s recent revoking of its international peace treaty indicates that all of imperialism is in for the loot.

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What is crucially important for the masses to realise is that in this beckoning war, the opportunity is there to bring imperialism to its knees before the masses, for otherwise we are only condemning ourselves and our brothers and sisters to the redistribution and replenishing of enslavement.

We must oppose imperialisms quest for plunder with the power of proletarian revolution and the weapon of Marxism-Leninism.