Message of solidarity from Yanal Abourabbi on behalf of Red Youth to the Syrian masses, Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Armed forces

On behalf of Red Youth I wish to express in this meeting our solidarity with the Syrian Arab Army and the Russian Armed forces in their fight against the wicked designs of imperialism in Syria! The Syrian Arab Army and the Russian armed forces are the main forces that are truly fighting ISIS and the Zio-wahabi entities which came to Syria to destroy the only nation in the Middle East that stood up against US imperialism and its proxy the fascist Israeli Zionist state.

People feel safer when there is the Syrian Arab Army around. Places like Hama,Tartous,Latakia are completely safe – once the Syrian Arab Army clears the cities of the murderous lackey’s of imperialism.

Marxist-Leninists were right since the beginning to point out that these rebels were no moderate rebels at all and were funded, equipped and sent by US imperialism to wage war on the Syrian people who dared to pursue their own independent existence. The Islamist group Jabhat Al Nusra and ISIS are but pawns for imperialism.

The corporate media stayed silent all along since the beginning of the armed intervention on Syrian soil in 2011, up until Isis became so strong that it cannot be controlled. Now the Western coalition forces are inside Syria illegally and attacking the only forces that are defending the country and its people, and doing so under the pretext of “fighting ISIS”.

This imperialist coalition has not done anything effective against the terrorists and instead they have killed children and civilians. Their drones have murdered innocent families including women and children and the elderly, they are using Syria as a battle ground in their war too dominate the planet. By attacking Syria the US hopes to deal blows against Russia and Iran. The countries that did not make any Syrian flee the country unlike what the Western coalition forces are doing. In a matter of weeks Russia has done much more damage to ISIS than the US has in a year. 800,000 Syrians are actually going back to their country thanks to Russia. I, as a Syrian revolutionary would like to thank Russia for everything it has done for the Syrian people and congratulate the brave Syrian Arab Army that knows no fears for all the struggle it is doing for the Syrians.


 I am proud to be a candidate member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist-Leninist) and Red Youth, the only revolutionary organisations in this country who have stood with the Syrian people in their struggle against imperialism!


Death to imperialism!


Victory To Dr Bashar Al Assad !


Victory to the Syrian Arab Army!


Allah Sourya Bashar wa bas !!