Nepal: Appeal for Aid

Nepal Children

An appeal from the Communist Party of Nepal, Marxist-Leninist:

“Dear Comrades,

As you already know, we are in trouble because of the huge earthquakes of 25 April, 26 April and 12 May 2015. During these disasters 8500 people died and thousands are missing yet. Thousands of people are injured and hospitalized. More than 500,000 houses are damaged. Millions of people have been displaced, traumatised, and left without basic resources.

Now, earthquake victims seek relief of food, clothes and tents which the people of the accessible zone has got for short period but the people from the remote have got only a few. They seek temporary shelter as the rainy season is coming immediately. So, SHED Nepal is making temporary accomodation for the victims, joining with the CPN(ML) in every possible way in the remote villages. SHED needs funds to buy materials, tools, and meals for the volunteers.

Society for Health and Environment Development (SHED) Nepal is a non-profit, non-governmental organization. It is led by Laxmi Koirala Pokhrel to whom the Government of Nepal has appointed as the Board Member of the Social Welfare Council which is an semi-independent organ of the Government ( She is an active party worker as the Treasures of the All Nepal Progressive Women’s Association the women’s wing of the CPN (ML) as well.

I would like to request your aid in raising funds for SHED Nepal to provide relief to the victims.

Secretary, International Department

Communist Party of Nepal (Marxist-Leninist)

Donations can be transferred directly to SHED:

Global IME Bank, Nepal
Account Name: Society of Health and Environment Development, Nepal
Swift Code- GLBBNPKA
Account number- 4201010000157

We also encourage you to explore any means possible to raise funds at work, in your community, and amongst your friends to donate towards the relief, alongside CPGB-ML & Red Youth efforts.


Please note minor changes have been made to this message from the CPN(ML) for readability with all effort to maintain the accuracy and intent of the original communication.