North Korean Minister Thae Defects – imperialist media gloat, but they have won nothing

In this video – still images from which have been ripped by Reuters and syndicated internationally without our permission or acknowledgment – Comrade Yongho Thae, former Mister from the London Embassy of the DPRK (North Korea), speaks about the significance of the Great Socialist October Revolution, at the CPGB-ML’s meeting to celebrate its 98th Anniversary, held on November 7th 2015 in Saklatvala Hall, Southall.

News has reached us – as you, no doubt – that Thae has recently deserted his post and defected to the imperialist camp. This no doubt reflects some deep difficulties he felt he could not resolve, and is a personal tragedy for Thae and his family. We knew him and are saddened by his decision, which came apparently ‘out of the blue’.

It does not undermine his words and message in this speech, however, in which he pays tribute to the internationalism of the October revolution, and expresses his opinion that socialism remains the future of humanity. We invite all who have learned something of Thae to watch this and understand his speech.

A revolutionary may fail, in conviction, courage or ability. We all face failure in all the great, and sometimes petty, tasks we set ourselves, after all. The enormity of the task of overthrowing imperialism can sometimes seem overwhelming. Yet there are constant reminders of the fundamental weakness of a system which exists to protect the interests of a dwindling clique of parasitic oligarchs – the 62 billionaires –  who seek to concentrate and own all humanity’s wealth. The misery and suffering they inflict upon the vast majority of mankind in this process drives resistance to their decadent rule.

While imperialism continues to imprison humanity in this ceaseless descent into the oblivion of poverty, misery, famine and war, the revolution will continue unabated, whatever changes in form it may assume. Of this we can all be sure.

Our North Korean comrades, no matter what difficulties they may face, are playing a heroic role in opposing imperialism and defending their independence and freedom, as can be seen from this video of Ambassador Hyon Hak Bong’s speech made at our international meeting in July:

In his speech, Thae talks about the significance of the October Revolution to all people who suffered colonial oppression and fought for national liberation. He recall’s the effect that the October Revolution, and the real practice of Socaialsim in Russia, had on the leaders of the Chinese and Korean people, fighting for their countries’ national liberation.

After recalling the words of that great proletarian, and national Korean Hero, Kim-Il Sung, about the October Revolution, he goes on to sing an inspiring song of the Red Army, which our former Cde Thae movingly recalled he sung in his youth in Korea.

The song is an anthem from the great anti-fascist struggle waged by the Soviet peoples in WW2. Known to the Soviet people as the Great Patriotic War, it was for them, and remains for us today, a heroic act of self-defence, of national liberation, and just liberation of millions of people from the barbaric, racist and genocidal yoke of Nazi fascism.

It was also a great act of socialist defence and advance, points out Thae, for not only was aggressive Fascist imperialism vanquished, but the prestige of the cause of mankind’s liberation – the communist cause – was taken to new heights world-wide, and the red flag flew from capitals across central and eastern Europe, Asia, and soon afterwards was brought by the people’s revolutionary struggles to China, Vietnam and Korea.

The national liberation of the colonies received an irresistible impulse from the salvoes of the October Revolution, accelerated by this entire era of Soviet policy and actions, culminating in the Red Army’s victories in WW2. Quite rightly, as we look around today, and find the blood stained talons of US imperialism deeply embedded in the body of labour and the oppressed neo-colonised peoples, we return to this, our greatest period of victory and advance to seek the answers to our urgent questions: what is to be done?

Our movement has suffered reverses, but the path of the October revolution and the third international still guides us in our endeavours to further the great cause of the liberation of mankind. These are events of international world-historic significance, that not only Russians, but all progressive humanity still honour and celebrate, and in which British workers too must show our just pride!

Long Live Leninism! Long live the Great Socialist October Revolution!

Join us and Build the CPGB-ML!

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