North Koreans are so hard… they can walk on the Sun!?

Thanks to Red youth member Matt – AKA the 10,000 league – for putting together this frankly hilarious look at the anti-North Korean propaganda industry. And it really is an industry.

People living in Western Europe and North America are bombarded with stories about north Korea – often centered around rumour, mysterious ‘intelligence’ sources, or the south Korean and US governments.

Most stories are nothing but rumours, spread to portray the DPRK as crazy and unpredictable, but now, more and more often, we are seeing major news sources such as the Guardian, the Telegraph, and the Independent being forced to apologise and write retractions after these blatant lies have been exposed.

But as the video explains: there is a point to this stream of bizarre fantasies, peddled by our media as ‘facts’. Psychological operations are the preparation for war.

4 million Koreans have been murdered by US imperialism with their ‘UN allies’ in a war of genocidal proportion waged mercilessly between 1951-3.

The US imperialists were defeated by the combined courage, stamina and might of the Korean people, led by the Workers Party of Korea under the leadership of Kim Il Sung, and backed by the – at that time united – communist and national liberation forces, notably of China and the USSR.

The Korean war was the first full-scale military defeat suffered by US imperialism, followed shortly after by the bloody nose given to them by the heroic Vietnamese people. The heroic people of North Korea showed the toiling and oppressed masses of the world that it is possible to beat the mighty forces of US imperialism and build your own society, free from their domination and interference.

The US monopoly capitalists have not forgotten or forgiven the people and leadership of the DPRK. US and South Korean puppet forces maintain a war footing, keep thousands of troops armed to the teeth with conventional and nuclear weapons of every kind in tens and hundreds of major and minor bases throughout the south Korean peninsula and wider region. The US and South Korean warmongers stage massive military exercises simulating military assault of the North perpetually, with another massive round about to kick off as we post this video.

We in Britain, as workers who have no interest in waging war on the Korean People, must see through and reject this constant torrent of anti DPRK. Propaganda.


K-Prop: The Stories

This writer’s favourite example is a story published this year by Yonhap news agency (a south Korean news company) claiming that south Korea had ‘captured a spy drone’ from the north.


The ‘drone’ was examined by the south Korean military and, upon closer inspection, was revealed to be the door of a portable toilet and not, after all, a piece of sophisticated military hardware.


1: Spy drone

Reported by Yonhap (rt):

Photo superimposing done by Yonhap (rt):


2: Unicorns

unicorn kim jong un

Reported by the guardian:

Retracted by the guardian:

Explain the time you met the DPRK ambassador:


3: 120 dog:


Reported by Independent:

Retracted by independent:

Click here for an explanation on the ‘120 dog’ story by Keith Bennet of the CPGB-ML:


4: Execution for watching foreign films

Foreign film execution indy copy

Reported by Independent:

Pyongyang 13th International film festival:

Comrade Kim Goes Flying:


5: Executed girlfriend

girlfriend copy

Reported by South Korean newspaper, Chosun Ilbo, business insider, Huffington Post, and the Telegraph.

Chosun Ilbo:

Business Insider:

Huffington Post:


Retracted by the telegraph:


6: How Americans live

Original YouTube video:

Reported by the Huffington Post as fake:

WIRED has since deleted their story in which Spencer Ackerman of WIRED called the film evidence of a “north Korean propaganda video”

Cops kill homeless:

Cops kill homeless (second video):


Kim Jong Ill’s golf score:


Reported by NY Times:

Reported by ABC news:

Dismissed by Golf Club

Dismissed by NK News:


8: Forced Crying

Reported by NY daily news:

crying copy

No evidence to support this, also people cried at the death of South Korean leader Pak Chung-hee:


9: Women banned from biking before 2012


Claimed by NBC news:

Video of women biking before alleged ban:


10: North Korea wins world cup


Reported by the Toronto Sun:

Reported by Unilad:

Telegraph says it’s fake:

Yahoo says it’s fake:


11: Haircuts


Reported by Radio Free Asia (on the BBC):

CTV news says it’s fake:

The viral picture of the hair salon menu:


12: Football squad tortured for loosing

n korea football torture copy

Reported by Radio Free Asia, claimed their coach was sentenced to hard labour:

Reported by Daily Mail:

However FIFA launched an investigation into the claim, and found that they were nothing but baseless rumours:


13: Landed People on the Sun


Originated on the satire site Waterford Whisper News:

I Media Ethics reported on the hoax:


14: Mortar execution

maxresdefault (1)

Reported by the Telegraph:

Reported by The Daily Mail:

Reported by the NY Daily News:

Reported by the Independent:

Reported by the Huffington Post:

Reported by the Washington Times:

Not believed by Foreign Policy:


15: Attack on Sony for film

Believed by Barack Obama:

Obama calls for tougher sanctions on North Korea:

(the diplomat writes) “The BBC, NPR, and the Washington Post, all claimed that North Korea had threatened war against the USA, however again there is no evidence of this” :


1) North Korea speaks:


3) DPR Korea Ambassador – US nuclear war threat:


4) DPR Korea ambassador Q&A:



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