North Koreans endorse Red Youth Video!

You may have seen our video addressing – and exposing as completely baseless – the ridiculous nature of the patronising, contemptuous and racist Propaganda peddled in the West as ‘objective criticism’ of the communist leadership and people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

If not, then take another look. In fact, even if you have seen it, take another look – frankly the flimsy but insidious propaganda is so all-pervasive that it will do no harm to have a small dose of truth.

The video has already been aired on the party’s YouTube channel – Proletarian TV (subscribe if you haven’t already), and was the subject of a previous blog.

We have now had had very positive feedback from the North Korean Embassy, who have told our party comrades that they liked it so much that they also shared the video with senior members of the Workers Party of Korea in Pyongyang.


We are very happy that our North Korean brothers and sisters are happy with the results of our efforts. We have previously reported back from our visits to the DPRK, and answered the question: what is North Korea really like?

We are proud that the truth of our words, the fierce friendship of our comrades, and the quality of our material has won the endorsement of the tiny but heroic nation that was the first to successfully resist the mighty US imperial goliath (which remains the greatest enemy of world peace), concluding an armistice without defeat in 1953, following three years of the most intense and barbaric assault upon their nation that had ever been seen.


More bombs were dropped on Korea by the US and her ‘allies’ during the entire course of WW2, and the brutality and inhumanity of the US led imperial troops was truly worthy of the Nazi Fascists. Google the No Gun Ri massacre, and the conduct of the US 7th cavalry, if you have a strong enough stomach, and are in any doubt about our words.

no gun ree

The people of North Korea have been living under constant threat of renewed conventional and nuclear attack ever since the end of the Korean war – right up to the present day. The US still refuses to sign a peace treaty with the North, leaving the DPRK in no doubt about the intentions of the US, and with no alternative but to develop a strong military – including a nuclear deterrent. They cannot and will not forget that within living memory, a US colonial force committed genocide in Korea, wiping out an incredible 4 million human beings.


US forces regularly stage massive military exercises (Ulchi freedom guardian, Foal-Eagle) to plan and practice full scale military invasion of the DPRK. How would you feel if they did this in Britain? It can scarcely be thought of as a friendly act! The message is clear.


Yet, despite the division of their nation, their isolation from their brothers in the South by the US army of occupation (which still stations 100,000s of troops, 1000 nuclear warheads, and a terrifying array of ‘conventional’ military hardware in the occupied South) the heroic people of North Korea went on to rebuild their country, into an advanced modern and industrial nation, that feeds houses and cares for all its citizens.

dprk 123

These are the reasons it is so hated by Anglo-American imperialists – and the reasons that British and US workers owe it their respect and admiration.

Korea is one!   Don’t believe the Hype!  Down with Imperialism!  Fight for Socialism!