Please donate to Red Youth fundraiser for WFDY festival!

If you value and support the aims and objectives of Red Youth and the marxist leninist political work which we do, please consider donating towards our fundraising efforts to send delegates to this years World Festival of Youth and Students in Ecuador. Comrade Katt Cremer is a central committee member of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist Leninist) and is running a half marathon in memory of our beloved comrade Godfrey and in order to help raise money for our delegation to Ecuador this year. Please donate and support our work!

“In honour of my dad, Godfrey Cremer, who sadly died of cancer last year, a number of us are running half marathons across the country raising money to help send a delegation of young people to an international festival for peace and solidarity being held in Ecuador in December.

Five years ago he and I ran a half marathon around Bristol. Neither of us asked for sponsorship when we did it. This is an opportunity to make up for that lack of foresight and to raise some money for a cause that would be close to his heart.

On 15 September I’ll be running the same course in Bristol we ran together in 2008.

Please give as much as you can, it all adds up and so no matter how small or large, please contribute and spread the campaign to others you know.

More information about where the money is going:

Every four years thousands of young people from over 120 countries come together to share ideas and information to advance the struggles for peace and solidarity.

This December Ecuador is hosting the 18th World Festival of Youth and Students under the slogan ‘Youth unite against imperialism, for a world of peace, solidarity and social transformation!’

Red Youth is coordinating a delegation of young people from Britain to take part in the festival and give them the opportunity to share their experiences and learn from others in our common struggle for a better world.

The money raised will assist with travel expenses to enable as many young people to go as possible. This will be a really useful experience for all those who we are able to send over and so please dig deep and think of all those miles being run for a good cause!

Your support is very much welcomed and appreciated!”