Poem for Soviet Union

Here’s a poem written by a Red Youth comrade from Stoke reflecting upon both the sacrifice made by the workers, soldiers and masses of the once glorious USSR and the inability of people from imperialist countries to question or challenge the myths, lies and slanders we’re fed by schools, media and the state about the former Soviet Union. “Isn’t communism proven to fail?” Well, no. It is capitalism that is proven to have failed, failed the thousands of children who die every hour from hunger, the millions who have perished from imperialist war and murder and the countless lives and talents squandered by a system which is driven by the need to make profit rather than serve the people! Enjoy:

Regurgitated without content,
The reiteration seems inherent.
The repetition of illiteracy
In the alleged name of democracy,

Stiffening societies hereditary shackles
Reinforcing the almighty castle
Suppressing opinion, liberty and freedom
Dictating lives based on profitable income.

Distorting the truth without consideration for the masses
That lost their lives fighting against the fascists
They were the soldiers who set us free,
They were the lives that protected our well-being.

Some Twenty-percent of a nations entirety,
All fell proud in the name of a society.
Built on the masses with no reason to forget
The dictatorship of the proletariat

If ever were believers to be so true
Then lye he would within the evil zoo
For his works revealed a true power within language,
The simple duplication of any desired passage

Speak it enough times and the masses will gather
And regurgitate the lyrics of their tyrannical father.
A weapon so powerful the opposition has aligned
Forever utilizing to keep within their stride,

The masses that posses a power superior
To any imperialistic measure.

Almost eternally it seems the words shall be spoken,
Of the warmongers responsible for the many heart-broken.
But soon shall the shackles upon the dictated be broken
And the proletariat will once again be awoken
by Robus Conversio

We fight the colonisation and degradation of youth culture

Owing to the inability of capitalism to provide a culture that truly represents our experience and aspirations, the working classes have over the years developed their own cultural forms to represent them (key examples being hip hop, reggae, jazz, jungle, graffiti and northern soul). However, corporations see these cultural forms as a potential source of profit, and the state sees the possibility of using them to promote reactionary propaganda, so that progressive voices tend to become sidelined and overwhelmed, unable to compete with the massive marketing machines surrounding those who are prepared to peddle a reactionary message.

Recognising that the internet creates tremendous possibilities to spread our music and art, we call on young musicians, poets and artists to stay independent and to retain creative control over their output. Red Youth will do what we can to support, promote and give a platform o revolutionary artists! We have a long, rich cultural heritage, if you liked this poem, check out the great poem by Comrade Godfrey Cremer in the video below which explains in a succinct way the operation of capitalist imperialism!