Proletarian Issue 37 online

Proletarian Issue 37 online

– Proletarian: August/September 2010 issue –

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No justice for the Gaza protestors
While a few sentences have been reduced on appeal, those protesting Israel’s war crimes are still being criminalised.

EDO decommissioners’ victory: resisting war crimes is not a crime
The EDO decommissioners have been vindicated in their action to prevent Israeli war crimes by smashing up an arms factory in Brighton.

Afghanistan: wheels coming off Nato’s war machine
Rising losses and the dawning realisation that they cannot possibly win the war are leading to increasing divisions amongst members of the imperialist governments and their army general staffs fighting in Afghanistan, as they try desperately to save face and figure out how to leave the country without looking like the losers they are.

Editorial: WikiLeaks and the Afghan war
Leaked reports paint a picture of chaos, mayhem, corruption and cruelty in a war that the predatory imperialist powers are on course to lose, bringing into open daylight what the US and its allies and satellites have been trying unsuccessfully to hide.

No return to business as usual for an increasingly isolated zionist state
On one level, it might seem that the fascist atrocity carried out by Israeli forces on board the Mavi Marmara, having temporarily woken consciences around the world, is already being successfully smoothed over and sanitised with the help of the ‘international community’. Scratch a little deeper, though, and it becomes clear that, for Israel, there can be no return to business as usual.

Anti-war update: Glenton, Chilcot, Tomlinson
We join with the entire anti-war movement in welcoming Joe Glenton back from prison and congratulating him on his steadfastness. Meanwhile, 15 months after the his murder at police hands, the director of public prosecutions has decided not to prosecute Ian Tomlinson’s killer.



The Saville report is a victory for the Irish people, and one more small step on the road to a united Ireland
In saluting and paying tribute to the Bloody Sunday families, the people of Derry, the republican movement, and the risen Irish people on their significant victory, the CPGB-ML commits itself to playing its part in the ongoing struggle to realise a free, sovereign and united Ireland and to see the day when British troops are no longer able to rampage in Ireland, Iraq, Afghanistan or any other country.

Industry matters: BA strikes, BBC pensions
Post-election skirmishes on the industrial front have revealed a combination of leadership nervousness and grass roots anger over the efforts being made to make workers pay for the capitalist crisis.

Poem: Impartiality
BBC impartiality / So distant from reality / Of Aunt Beeb’s personality …

Future generations must not pay for this capitalist crisis
The bourgeoisie seeks to escape the effects of crisis by intensifying the exploitation of the working class. Ending the system of exploitation is the only way forward.

:: WORLD ::

US moves to threaten China as Cheonan farce collapses at UN
Having failed to build a consensus for anti-DPRK moves, the US has moved on to targeting China directly.

Film: South of the Border
Dir: Oliver Stone. A unique chance to hear the leaders of the South American revolution speak for themselves.

G20 protest: capitalism bares its teeth
Workers should not be taken in by the pious phrases of the bourgeois media, which are condemning the alleged violence of protestors at the Toronto demonstration, while applauding elsewhere the unspeakable violence of imperialism against the peoples of Afghanistan, Iraq and Palestine and egging on the bourgeois authorities in their plans to extend their warmongering to Iran.


CPGB-ML holds successful congress
What should be our tactics in a period of raging economic crisis, which is biting ever deeper into people’s living standards and laying waste to jobs, pay, pensions, homes and public services? What should be our attitude to those fighting British and US imperialist domination abroad?

Congress motions 1: the way forward for our party during the economic crisis
We shall strive to combat every prejudice commonly to be found among the working people that stands in the way of the working class fulfilling its historic mission of overthrowing capitalism and building socialism, for example, its faith in parliamentary democracy and/or syndicalism, as well as racist, xenophobic and chauvinist prejudices among large sections of the working class.

Congress motions 2: our international solidarity tasks
We demand an end to British media complicity in Israeli war crimes.