Scurrilous BBC documentary “The Mole”

The latest disgraceful piece of anti-DPRK propaganda from the BBC has been released titled “the Mole: infiltrating north Korea“. This documentary secretly filmed teenagers and those who are clearly vulnerable adults who have gravitated towards a peaceful solidarity group in search of social interaction and friendship. The hope of the film makers was to denigrate the DPRK which is ostensibly receiving ‘solidarity’. The infiltration of this vulnerable group was necessary for the film makers to win trust and gain access to Korea in order to film scenes the content of which could be distorted by the documentary makers in order to spread hysteria about Korea.

The film exploits teenagers and adults, many of whom are dressed in traditional mandarin collar suits in mimicry of asian political leaders. Medal ceremonies are accompanied by traditional songs and conversations are secretly filmed or filmed under false pretexts, i.e. by those they believe to be members of their friendship circle but who are, in actual fact, actors or hostile to the proceedings.

Safeguarding adults is about protecting those at risk of harm or exploitation and the BBC have clearly failed to protect the identity and privacy of many of these individuals. Safeguarding involves identifying abuse and acting whenever someone is being exploited and at no point have the BBC demonstrated reasonable measures that they have taken to look after the participants who were being spied upon, and who were clearly dressed and acting in such a manner because they thought they were in a safe space. These people may have acted differently had they known they would be on BBC television, or indeed if they had been capable of understanding how their behaviour would have been perceived by the mass of their fellows.