The Egyptian Revolution Lives On

morsi overthrow
The revolution will continue until the people’s basic demands for bread, work and an end to cooperation with zionism and imperialism are met.

The recent overthrow of Mohamed Morsi falls nothing short of this description. With food and oil supplies on the down and poverty on the up, it only took a year and 4 days before the Egyptian majority called for the removal of the man who had promised an end to these things.

Morsi’s pledge of full support to the counter-revolutionary movement against the Syrian government by – and therefore to the interests of imperialism and zionism – tipped the iceberg for the nations majority, and triggered the final demand for Morsi’s removal.

“The Egyptian people no longer fear the might of the state. They are prepared to face, if need be, its batons, bullets, armoured personnel carriers and cavalry charges in order to bring about fundamental changes in their lives.

Authoritarianism in Egypt is gasping. State force has lost its power of deterrence. The more vicious the violence it inflicts, the more resistance it inspires and the more protesters it brings out on to the streets. The coming battles, it is to be hoped, will bring forth the kind of leadership that is capable of freeing the Egyptian masses from the clutches of both the local kleptocratic ruling elites and their imperialist masters.”

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