The tragic death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha

Reflections on the tragic death of nurse Jacintha Saldanha, the media’s attempts to blame to hapless Australian DJ’s for the death, and Morrissey’s insistence that blame lies rather with Kate Middleton and the Windsor family.

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The moment i heard about the prank i thought “Oh God, the hospital will clearly now fire the poor nurse who they will deem responsible for what they will see as an unacceptable breach of client confidentiality”. The next thing, i hear the poor nurse has indeed killed herself. It now seems with the revelations from her suicide note that things probably did unfold as i for one had suspected they would.

What this whole sorry tale speaks of more than anything else is the rotten culture of corporate bullying in this country. The hospital will have gone to town on the nurse because they will have prized their reputation for being able to maintain the confidentiality of their rich prestigious layabout clients way way way ahead of the welfare of their skilled hardworking staff, whom they will view as being no better than vermin and completely expendable.

Blame, therefore, lies with this rotten system that grovels around the rich and views working class people simply as resources to be exploited. If we’re talking about guilty parties in this tragic tale, it therefore pretty common-sensically falls with richest and most powerful first:

1. The royals themselves – for even existing. This band of pampered talentless selfish unfeeling parasites have bled the people of this country and this world dry for too long. If they and the system of extreme inequality over which they preside did not exist, Jacintha Saldanha would highly likely still be alive today.

2. The scumbag corporate media – who, like the snivelling slimeball toads they are, blamed the nurse after the prank, and then backtracked and pretended they cared about her after they found out she had then hanged herself, now instead blaming the Aussie pranksters who quite frankly were peripheral characters in the story. As usual the media scumbags, throughout the whole affair, applied their standard principle of blaming the poorest and weakest, and bending over backwards to protect the rich and powerful: the royals, the hospital, and most of all themselves. Utterly shameless.
3. The disgraceful hospital corporate management, who likely effectively sacrificed the life of one of their own highly skilled workers to save their own highly lucrative reputation and therefore their bumper profit margins.

Morrissey is absolutely correct to point out where blame should be properly attributed in this case; he is one of the few famous people who actually does come out and speak the truth about the disgusting Windsor family dictatorship rather than toadying up to them like 99% of celebrities do. And so it’s utterly unsurprising that all the scumbag careerist journos are yet again lining up to take potshots at him – for telling the truth, basically. The man is a hero.

RIP Jacintha Saldanha