Trotskyism or Leninism?

IF capitalism makes its own gravediggers; if the workers are gunpowder, knowledge and education the spark that will destroy this rotten system; then social democracy, the Labour Party and their Trotskyite friends are the last line in the imperialist’s defence against the rising tide of dissatisfied and militant workers.

The latest CPGB-ML leaflet on Trotskyism is a valuable resource to explain why:

Yesterday, the Guardian asked whether Marxism was ‘on the rise’ in Britain – and then went on to give a nice fat advert to the fake left’s annual diversionary jamboree, not-so-affectionately known round our way as ‘Trotfest’ (sorry, “Marxism 2012′).

A cursory look around the world at any point in the last 100 years would tell you that Marxism never went away. Marxists have led or been involved in every serious anti-capitalist struggle since Marxism came into existence, and, despite temporary reverses, Marxists still lead vast swathes of the world’s poorest people in the life-and-death battle to rid the world of imperialist domination.

Today, with poverty, unemployment and debt spiralling out of control, and economic crisis set to get worse while wars get bigger and dirtier, it’s certainly true that more and more people even in relatively cushioned imperialist heartlands like Britain are starting to join the class struggle.

They are finally waking up to the reality that this parasitic system has outlived its usefulness and has a future only in the past. Capitalism and imperialism have nothing to offer the vast masses of the world’s people except more poverty, more debt slavery, more war and more human and environmental waste and destruction.

So it’s not surprising that the corporate media and politicians are desperate to persuade us that the pro-imperialists of the SWP etc are the people to join if you want to express opposition to capitalism in Britain. They will be getting plenty more free advertising in the capitalist press from now on, precisely because they will be as much use to workers in making a revolution as chocolate is in making a pot to hold tea.