Troy Davies' execution was a Judicial Lynching – upholding an American tradition

Lets call a spade a spade. The Execution of Troy Davies, by lethal injection (performed by medical personnel of a private health company “dedicated to providing cost effective and high quality health care in correctional facilities” was a Judicial lynching. Not the first, and not the last unless we act to overthrow a rotten, corrupt and parasitical system.

As the US and its “NATO Allies” practice genocide in Libya, in pursuit of vast financial profit for their nation’s banking, oil and armament elites, the finance capitalists, and to protect their grip on Africa and faltering world domination, it is timely to remind ourselves of a few domestic facts about the good old US of A and its domestic oppression, which oit vaunts as “freedom and democracy”

And a good time to remember a few facts about the ‘land of the free’: The USA is a prison of Nations

Read it and pass it on. It’s as relevant and hard hitting as the day it was penned.

We also post this lyrical dedication to Troy, form progressive producer “Agent of Change”

Our revenge will be the laughter on the faces of our children