Venezuela: Where now for the Bolivarian Revolution?

Comrade Marcus Garcia , from the Venezuelan Embassy delivers a message to the CPGB-ML’s celebration of the 98th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution – held on November 7th 2015 in Saklatvala Hall, Southall.

Cde Garcia delivers this message before the defeat of Nicholas Maduro’s PSUV at the recent Legislative Assembley elections of 6 December, which has led Maduro to call for a class offensive against the Venezuelan Bourgeoisie, who are always ready to sell the interests of their country to the US imperialists, in their desire to protect their relative privilege and do down the working and peasant masses of their country.

The powers of the Legislative Assembly to cause trouble to the Venezuelan government are significant:

“A two-thirds majority gives the opposition all of the institutional weapons necessary to reverse many of the key transformations of the Venezuelan state achieved by the Bolivarian Revolution over the last seventeen years.

“They will now be empowered to revoke critical revolutionary legislation such as the Organic Law of Communes, the Organic Work and Workers’ Law (LOTTT), among numerous others, repeal international treaties such as the ALBA-TP and PetroCaribe, as well as pack the Supreme Court with an eye towards impeaching President Nicolas Maduro .” (Lucas Koerner,’Facing Opposition Onslaught, Chavismo Must Return to Roots’,, 9 December 2015).

Read the important article on the Venezuelan election and Bolivarian Revolution here:


What all this amounts to is the largely comprador bourgeoisie now controlling the legislature, while the working class and oppressed classes generally are now controlling the executive power. The military is believed still to be firmly in the hands of the Chavistas, though there can be little doubt that the bourgeoisie – overwhelmingly made up of white people of Spanish descent – and its imperialist backers will have been working overtime to reverse that situation, and it yet remains to be seen what success they have achieved, if any. [LALKAR January 2016]

In greeting the meeting he relates how he studied the October revolution in his youth. He notes also that unlike the October Revolution, the Bolivarian Revolution came to power via bourgeois elections, and lacked the united leadership of a strong and militant communist party.

Rather, Hugo Chavez, who had previously used his military position and connections to try and foment revolutionary change, managed to unite many popular movements under his leadership.

Never-the less, the fact that scores were not settled with the Venezuelan comprador Bourgeoisie, have led to a position that has constantly threatened the security of the gains of the Social Programs put in place by the Bolivarian Revolution. The enemy within has scored a considerable victory via the very bourgeois democracy that was always intended to alienate the masses – not to express their interests. Unquestionably, an unholy alliance of interests, backed and masterminded by US imperialism has led to this pass. But steps must be taken by the Bolivarian Revolution to secure its position within Venezuela.


All the more reason, despite the huge advances made by the progressive governments of the South and Latin American nations, to return to Marx and Lenin to understand the basics of class struggle, and class power, to read and understand the state and revolution,

imperialism (the highest stage of capitalism),

and the history of the Bolshevik revolution,

which was able to deal with the reactionaries, the feudal, capitalist and imperialist powers of the world more comprehensively than any other popular socialist or people’s movement.

As Venezuela enters a new phase, we hope they are able to rally the poor masses, resist the economic and political terrorism unleashed on the region by US imperialism, put economic, political and military power in the hands of the working and peasant masses in their country, and defend and advance the hard-won gains that the Venezuelan people have made, since first electing Chavez.

Long live the Bolivarian Revolution! Long live the memory of Hugo Chavez!

Long live the presidency of Nicholas Maduro! Advance the Class struggle!

Long live the Example of the Soviet People and the Great Socialist October Revolution!

Build the CPGB-ML!

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Marcus Garcia of Venezuelan Embassy:
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