WFDY Festival and CPB attitude

We reproduce below the comments of YCL member and CPB sectarian comrade, Devonshire lad George Waterhouse to Red Youth requests to join in with this magnificent anti-imperialist festival. These comments were posted via facecbook:

George Waterhouse “A fantastic, mass party. Noted as the best defenders of the traditions of the carnation revolution and leaders of the Portuguese labour movement who have held several recent general strikes.

But wouldn’t the PCTP Maoist lot be more up your street?”

Paulo Cannon “When is the ycl going to sort the Brit prep committee for ecuador festival or you gonna keep banging on about mao?”
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George Waterhouse “Nothing to do with me you cunt”
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George Waterhouse “Lets be honest you lot will completely ignore emails and meetings from the BPC and just use the family fortune send Ranjeet again.

To be involved in the BPC means to be organised professionally, respond to emails, attend meetings, help with fundraising. I have not idea about this festivals BPC but from my experience on the last one you lot simply refused to get involved and then whinged about it.

Last time there were representatives of trade unions-the RMT, Unite, student broad left, some trot group, the new communist party, the YCL, domiciled CPs in Britain-Sudan, Iraq, Iran..etc but Britain’s “only thoroughly non-revisionist communist party” (lol!) couldn’t be bothered to get involved.

But I get the idea that you prefer to ignore all emails and meetings and then play the ‘everyone’s picking on us’ card. It’s your political style!”