Why I'm joining Red Youth

red youth

To get the new year off to a positive start, here’s an insightful comment from a recent applicant who applied to join Red Youth and wanted to get involved. More and more of us are starting to question all the dogma forced down our throats by the state and its running dogs the troto-revisionist fraternity; whether its about Assad, Gaddafi or the old enemy – Stalin and Mao(!), and Red Youth continues to grow and attract to its ranks the best amongst the British working class youth who want to actually do something rather than take out paper membership of a defunct Communist Party and receive the “honour” of being made “General Secretary” or “President” of some 3 member regional organisation of a party with nothing going for it but some semblance of officialdom.

 If you feel the same as this comrade, if you shun paper membership or keyboard warrior status, and want to avoid the cultish excesses of those organisations run by two-man leadership committees on the pretext that its not the right time to build a “party”; do the right thing and get involved with Marxism Leninism! Red Youth is not the mover and shaker of the movement, but we set our goals high and fully intend to bring about the restoration of a revolutionary youth movement free from sickening ties to the imperialist blood soaked Labour Party and the weirdo’s and freaks of the Trotskyist grooming clubs. This comment is reproduced as it came and we’re proud to be associated with such honest observation:

“I am joining the red youth because I am sick of this rotten capitalist imperialist government that we have that is doing everything it possibly can to destroy the life’s of the working class in this country. Since they came to power they have already proven this for example in 2010 they raised the tuition fees to £9000 a year. Why they have done this well I will tell you comrades it is because they do not want the working class of this country to gave a good education or to achieve the best jobs I society instead they want these to be reserved for the rich ruling elite (not as if they already have the best chance of getting the best jobs). They want to keep the working class out of the top universities and to make these places no go areas for the poor and instead to turn them into some kind of breeding ground for the future ruling class.

They are cutting all of the welfare that is reserved for the poorest in society and to plunge them deeper into poverty meanwhile the capitalist media of this country constantly portray the poor as something for the rich to vet their anger at and are described as lazy, stupid and good for nothing scum. We are constantly told that to get up and look for jobs. Well how can we do this if they are not enough jobs to go around for example the city where I come from Glasgow there was a small Tesco that opened up as a part of a luxury flats complex along Great Western Road that had no more than 25 jobs going and 1000 applied for these. If they constantly tell us that there are enough jobs then why are things like this happening.

One more example of the Government’s attack on the poor is the rotten bedroom tax which means if you are a poor person that has only a tiny spare bedroom you will loose money that you desperately need to survive while the capitalist swine that are pushing all of these policies are all multi millionaires with large mansions, luxury cars and millions of pounds in their bank account makes me sick, and the whole time on the television and in the newspapers we are told by a bunch of over privileged greedy swine that why should pay for some poor person to be out of work for no fault of their own and cant get work and have a small bedroom because one of their children has grown up, moved out and has a life of their own. They are doing this because they want to demonize the working class and turn the rest of society against them to distract us from the crimes which they are committing.

This whole vile capitalist system that we have in place in this country is also a murdering imperils one because of all of the wars of aggression which they have waged around the world in countries like Afghanistan, Iraq and Libya destroying the countries and killing millions of people in the process. Why do they do this in the name of democracy and freedom so they say. But do not believe any of this bile the only reason why the imperialist powers invade these countries is because they want to occupy and to steal their resources and take them back and sell them to line their own pockets.

We should all take a stand and boycott these wars, the government and the army for these crimes which they are all guilty of committing. We as citizens should all take a stand and don’t support them. This can be done by not celebrating this British army or supporting armed forces day or the Royal (murdering) British Legion or the Poppy Appeal as they are nothing but lies and war propaganda to force us into supporting the war.

Now I want to talk about the rotten parasites of the British monarchy. These people are scum who do nothing but leach of the taxpayers of this country and pay no tax and live in a life of privilege and luxury that we can only ever dream of. I am sick of the media constantly pushing the pro royalist propaganda down our necks. This has been most evident over the last 2 years. In 2011 we had the royal weeding when we where supposed to celebrate two multi millionaires getting married while we paid for the whole thing and in 2012 we where supposed to celebrate 60 years of crap. These people need t get rid of and all of their riches should be taken away from them and the wealth redistributed among the workers.

I would now like to say I am joining the movement because I have been reading all of the stuff on both the red youth and the communist party of great Britain Marxist – Leninist and see the good work which they are doing and I agree with every one of the things they say.

It is good see that there are people that are standing up and making a difference and no longer putting up with this rotten capitalist class and making a real difference.

I would like to join because I want to make a difference and get up and do something instead of sitting about doing nothing about it.”