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“Memorial” fraudsters rebuffed by the Supreme Court

The belated decision by the Russian Supreme Court to shut down the self-syled “human rights” organization Memorial International will be greeted with relief by all those who draw inspiration from the revolutionary achievements of the Soviet Union and resist attempts to distort the historical record and rob the working class of its own revolutionary history. Continue reading ““Memorial” fraudsters rebuffed by the Supreme Court”

North Koreans endorse Red Youth Video!

You may have seen our video addressing – and exposing as completely baseless – the ridiculous nature of the patronising, contemptuous and racist Propaganda peddled in the West as ‘objective criticism’ of the communist leadership and people of the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea?

If not, then take another look. In fact, even if you have seen it, take another look – frankly the flimsy but insidious propaganda is so all-pervasive that it will do no harm to have a small dose of truth.

The video has already been aired on the party’s YouTube channel – Proletarian TV (subscribe if you haven’t already), and was the subject of a previous blog.

We have now had had very positive feedback from the North Korean Embassy, who have told our party comrades that they liked it so much that they also shared the video with senior members of the Workers Party of Korea in Pyongyang. Continue reading “North Koreans endorse Red Youth Video!”