Red Youth delegates return from Madrid

Two delegates from Red Youth have returned from the 8 Congress of the CJC (Collective of Young Communists in Spain). The CJC is the militant youth wing of the PCPE. Red Youth were delighted to be able to deliver a message of solidarity to the comrades.

Our comrades arrived in Spain last Thursday and attended the Congress proceedings from Saturday – Monday. As well as Red Youth there were young communists and revolutionaries present from a number of other countries including Sweden, Turkey, Italy, Brazil, Germany, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus.

As well as following the Congress proceedings and holding meetings with other revolutionary youth, the comrades were taken on a tour of Madrid, specifically to sites associated with the Republican defence of Madrid from fascist forces during the Spanish Civil War.

The militancy, discipline and devotion to Marxist Leninist principles were on display for all to see at the Congress. In the fight against opportunism in Spain, the CJC and PCPE go from strength to strength; they are building a monolithic party of proletarian revolutionaries!

Red Salute CJC!

CJC 8 Congress

At the memorial to the International Brıgades

Congratulations to the PCPE and CJC

Red Youth was very pleased to hear today the good news that the comrades Juanjo Serrano, Albert Camarasa and Xavier Aure have been acquitted of all charges brought against them by the state. The Spanish communists can be well pleased with the tremendous and determined fight that was put up by the PCPE and CJC and has finally brought victory! The following is the statement of the PCPE:


On April 19th the PCPE received the sentence of the trial against our three comrades Juanjo Serrano, Albert Camarasa and Xavier Auré, which declared the full acquittal of all charges against them.

In face of this trial, the Executive Committee of the PCPE makes the following STATEMENT:

1.Almost five years after the process began, years in which our militants have been threatened with a prison sentence of three years and ten months, the denounce of the PCPE about the police set-up has been proved. The sentence acknowledges, without any space for doubts, that the police did not have any objective basis in which founding their accusations against our members. The Prosecutor has also shared this incriminating position.

2. This action of the Mossos d’Esquadra (Catalonian police) is really founded on the existence of the police files that are being made in our country in order to keep surveillance on the communist militants. This is proved by the fact that the police knew about the political membership of our militants without having identified them. We denounce the practice, conducted by the Ministry of Interior, of having political files of the members of the PCPE, with the aim of criminalizing the normal action of our Party.

3.The effective work of the legal team of the PCPE, together with the important actions of solidarity held worldwide by many different organizations and individuals – and the international communist movement – has prevented the sentence against our militants in a case based on false accusations. The PCPE would like to openly express the gratitude to all these people and organizations.

4.The EC of the PCPE also highlights the strength of our three militants, who have assumed the threat of prison with revolutionary responsibility.

5.Nowadays, the initiatives adopted by the new government of the oligarchy in order to change some parts of the Criminal Code, aim at repressing the struggle of the working class and are an expression of the bankruptcy of the present system of domination. With the sharpening of the structural crisis of the capitalist system, the dominant classes are unable to keep their dominance through mechanisms of social consensus. This situation highlights the situation of exhaustion of Spanish capitalism, which has only one way to keep its position: the direct exercise of the dictatorship of capital and the violent repression of the peoples’ struggles.

6.The PCPE will not give up, no matter the threat, the struggle for the socialist revolution and communism, making the mass struggle the key tool in the necessary process of accumulation of forces. The dominant classes of this country will not be able to stop this process, no matter how much violence they exert against the people. The EC of the PCPE calls for struggle for the political goals of the working class emancipation, for socialism and communism anywhere and anyhow.