Colombian military in London – Who let the dogs in?


London’s a city that never quite lets you forget that you’re living in the heartland of imperialism; the belly of the beast.

Whether you’re watching the victory parade past nelson’s column in trafalgar square, strolling by South Africa, Australia or India house (embassies from which the countries themselves used to be administered over the heads of their peoples), getting attacked by the metropolitan police’s “territorial support group” riot police, for having the nerve to demonstrate against Israeli war crimes, or just seeing the worlds war criminals wined dined feted and entertained in the streets of our nation’s capital.

I walked into Burger King by St Mary’s hospital and Paddington station, in West London today to be greeted by a delegation of Columbian Army officers.

They looked delighted to be tucking into a juicy burger and were no doubt taking a well earned break from suppressing their own people’s popular uprising led by the FARC-EP, and building up forces capable of invading neighbouring Venezuela for the purposes of overthrowing the popular and progressive government of Hugo Chavez, should the slightest opportunity present itself.

One can only suppose they are here in order to secure diplomatic and financial sponsorship, and a perhaps a few practical tips on the efficient organisation of death squads – I mean, counterinsurgency operations – from the British state.

‘We’ are, after all, the oldest hands at keeping the (colonial and domestic) working people in check.

The mention of the FARC proved enough to make them quite jittery, and they packed up and went on their way. The question, of course, is who let these criminals in to ‘our’ country.

The answer, of course, is the criminals who run it and keep british workers in wage slavery, subject to crisis ridden capitalism. The British Imperialists – hangmen, to our shame, of progressive and revolutionary movements worldwide

Join us to build a better world!

Why not start by coming to a meetig exposing our ruling class’ sponsorship of war crimes in Syria, next thursday 20 September 2012 – Marchmont community centre, central London.