Celebrate May 9 – Victory Day! The work of Stalin and the Red Army!

soviet victory

Today – 9 May 2012 – marks the 67th Anniversary of the victory of the Soviet Union over Nazi German Fascism; when the red flag was raised over the Reichstag by the victorious Red Army, while Adolf Hitler committed suicide in his bunker in Berlin.

These are achievements of Socialism that we can and should all celebrate. Achievements that still show us that workers can vanquish the darkest armies of imperialism and build a bright socialist future based upon cooperation, and ending forever the exploitation of man by man and nation by nation.

Socialism has never been more relevant and urgently needed by the workers of all countries, as the recession plunges ever deeper into profound slump and economic crisis of overproduction, and engulfs ever more nations into war – the capitalists’ ‘final solution’ for their economic woes, unless workers can avert the crisis by overturning this bankrupt system once and for all.

Of one thing we can be assured, the financiers in the city of London and Wall Street will try once again to sacrifice tens and hundreds of millions of us at the high alter capitalist profit.

“At the going down of the sun and in the morning
We will remember them.”

This is what they have written on a roundabout in Stockwell, not far from where the SO19 armed police gunned down Jean Charles de Menezes in cold blood. Shot in the head in the “war on terror” – and Brazilian plumbers who we may or may not confuse with Pakistanis. What a farce, are our ‘freedoms’ in this UK police state.

But 100 million were sacrificed in the last century to the capitalists’ insatiable god of mammon. And which of our ‘elected representatives’ remembers and understands the nature of capitalism today, as we slide into the next great world conflagration. Afghanistan, Iraq, Sierra Leone, Yugoslavia, Libya… How similar to the Nazi quest for lebensraum; the preliminary acts leading to the world wars.

Joseph Stalin, who stood at the helm of the international struggle against imperialism and for socialism for three decades (and who, consequently, is the favourite prey of the paper tigers of bourgeois history), was a thousand times right when he said: “Either eke out a miserable existence and sink lower and lower, or adopt a new weapon. That is the choice imperialism puts before the working class. Imperialism brings the proletariat to revolution.”

Another world is possible! Fight imperialism! Build Socialism!

Join us to lay a wreath in honor of the 27 million Soviet citizens who laid down their lives to save the world from fascism at the Soviet war memorial in Kennington, south London this morning at 10.30 am. Location of the Soviet War Memorial:

Geraldine Mary Harmsworth Park, on land donated by the London Borough of Southwark, adjacent to the

Imperial War Museum
Lambeth Road
United Kingdom

Watch: a former Nazi soldier reflects on lessons of the war for workers of all countries and particularly in Britain and a America today:

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Hitler and Stalin – historical enemies representing the dark past (Hitler) and the bright future (Stalin), so why are we encouraged to treat them as if they were ‘the same’?