Whats been going on at Warwick University?

A college student from Coventry has been attending the protests up at Warwick Uni, he’s a member of Red Youth and these are his reflections from the last week.

I’m a 17 year old French-Syrian student and my college is around the corner from the University of Warwick in Coventry. On Wednesday 3 December a group of students at Warwick University protested for free education – not only against tuition fees but also for a new system of education as a whole and the ensuing events have caused a real stir amongst students in Coventry.

The protest was organised by Warwick for Free Education (WFEE), which was founded only a few months ago by a group of students. Due to this and their relatively small size not many people will have heard of them, but they have attended several protests in London and Birmingham to protest against cuts to education.

I attended the big meetings last week which were held up at the University. I learnt that the Russell Group, of which Warwick is a member, supports raising fees to £16k a year. This doesn’t really surprise me, I already know how capitalism strives for maximum profit and that its current massive crisis of overproduction drives the commodification of every last aspect of society in a desperate search for a way out. I know this because I am a student of Marxism Leninism and a member of Red Youth since the summer.

Last Wednesday evening, when WFFE held a peaceful sit-in at the senate house near Warwick Arts Centre, police were called and together with the University’s own hired thugs proceeded to break up the gathering with completely disproportionate force.

A statement issued by WFFE describes the events: “Several police cars turned up and a police riot van as well as a police dog. We formed a human chain but they broke through using CS spray (active agent in tear gas) on many activists at close quarters, a taser gun was held up and threatened, it was also suspected to be used. Activists were punched, pushed onto the floor, dragged, rammed by their throat into the wall and kneed in the face. We were staging a peaceful protest and it was totally unprecedented; we were sitting in a circle talking in university space.” Read it here: (http://warwick4freeducation.wordpress.com/2014/12/03/police-brutality-on-warwick-campus/)

Obviously for the university a smooth operation of their business is what matters, not the safety of their students. We’ve seen what police brutality has done in the past years in the UK and what it is doing now in the country of the terrorists, the USA.

After speaking to students I learnt that when people saw blue lights and police cars parking at the university everyone was confused. Security initially said to a student that police were there for an unrelated incident. Of course, this wasn’t the case as soon it turned out:

The following days, WFFE organized demonstrations, protesting against the police brutality. The demos were big with what seemed to me like 1000 people attending. Speakers had the opportunity to read out letters written by the students who got arrested. They also encouraged students to get politically active and to join solidarity movements, to know about Palestine, Ferguson and other crimes done by the real terrorists. She also kept shouting that Police will be liquidated because of their crimes, i.e their crimes will cause them to be abolished and that revolution will come soon, the meetings were followed with chants: “HANDS OFF CAMPUS, NO JUSTICE NO PEACE”, and a song was even sung to mock the coward thugs.

Police say that their mission is to help people, are people getting any help from the police? Does even anyone feel safe when they see a police car? Because I seriously don’t, I feel paranoid, I get some sense of fear, how could anyone feel safe? I have a friend who got his door broken by West Midlands Police here at Coventry in Spon End, just because the police had “suspicions”. Once, me, him and couple other friends were walking back from a concert, whilst walking a police car just started following us and harassing us just because it was midnight and we were the only ones out. Eventually, these thugs left as we kept on shouting ‘ what are you doing? What do you want?’

From my own experiences I don’t trust the police and I can well imagine that the police enjoyed attacking students as they’re easy targets. I stand with the students who got attacked at Warwick University and I will continue to support their campaign and protests until they get some justice.

End all victimization of young people by the police!

Justice for the victims of police brutality!

More info here: http://www.wsws.org/en/articles/2014/12/08/stud-d08.html

Birmingham communists stand with Russia against imperialist aggression

Harpal Brar Ukraine Talk

A meeting organised by the Communist Party in Birmingham, West Midlands was addressed by Harpal Brar this Sunday. The meeting was held in the party building near the city centre and began with two short film showings demonstrating the brutality of the Kiev fascists who have murdered innocent people in Odessa, Slavyansk, Mariupol and various other towns these last few weeks and the disgusting assertion by one pro-Kiev coup government Mayor that Hitler was a liberator from Stalin and the USSR.

The meeting is one of a series of meetings which in general are addressing the theme imperialism and war and it follows on from similar successful events in Liverpool and London. Other regions are preparing to host Harpal and other members of the central committee of the CPGB-ML and the next will be held in Glasgow on Saturday May 31further details to be announced. If you would like to have the talk in your own town, get in touch via info@redyouth.org.

The Birmingham meeting was well attended by local party comrades and friends and heard an expert summary of the Marxist teachings on imperialism and war. Comrade Harpal spoke about the reasons for war, the class contradictions which give rise to war, the different types of war and the attitude of communists towards war. He talked about the role of opportunism and social chauvinism in the anti-war movement, and importantly the meeting went on to address questions of vital significance for us here in Britain today. The comrades assembled in Birmingham expressed their opinion that in the event of US or British imperialist aggression against Russia or China, the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist – Leninist) would work for the defeat of our own government and support the defense of Russia and socialist China. It was the view of the majority that war against Russia or China would be reactionary, would strengthen the forces of imperialism and would therefore need to be opposed by revolutionaries. Comrades rejected the notion peddled in some quarters that because Russia is not a socialist country we would adopt a “plague on both your houses” attitude, and that rather than take such a backward step we should declare ourselves firmly on the side of the victim of imperialist aggression.