Korean Socialism Celebrated and Kim Jong Il Remembered in Birmingham

CPGB ML Birmingham Kim Jong Il's Commemoration 2014On Saturday 20 December the CPGB-ML and Red Youth held a public meeting in Birmingham to celebrate the successes of the Korean revolution and reaffirm our solidarity with the Korean people in their stand against imperialism. We were joined by two representatives of the DPRK embassy, who among other things informed us about the progress made since the death of Kim Jong Il three years ago — numerous housing, infrastructure and recreational projects have been completed over the past few years. It is clear that despite setbacks and continued imperialist threats and blockade, the Korean people remain determined to build a prosperous socialist country. A representative from Red Youth also read out our message to the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League, which is reproduced below, and after the meeting our members got to chat with our Korean comrades over some food and drink.

Dear comrades,

Red Youth send our warm greetings and a militant red salute to comrades of the Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League on the occasion of the third anniversary of the passing away of comrade Kim Jong Il.

It is with great sorrow that we remember the loss of one of Korea’s finest sons and loyal pupil of comrade Kim Il Sung. But it also gives us the chance to remember the astounding achievements made by the Korean people under the leadership of the Worker’s Party of Korea, guided during extremely dark and difficult times by comrade Kim Jong Il.

After the successful liberation and socialist reconstruction of Korea under comrade Kim Il Sung, the Workers Party of Korea and the Korean masses continued to wage a brave fight against imperialism and comrade Kim Jong Il was in the front line. Of particular importance in the DPRK’s ongoing struggle against imperialist aggression and interference was the development of its nuclear deterrent – a crowning achievement of Democratic Korea’s scientific progress.

The importance of the DPRK’s nuclear capability has been clearly demonstrated by world events in recent years; with US and NATO imperialists invading, bombing and seeking to subjugate those nations who dare to stand up to imperialisms plunder of the world – Afghanistan, Iraq, Libya and Syria are just the latest victims of imperialisms destructive deeds.

Kim Jong Il’s leadership in the period following the collapse of the USSR and in conditions of a resurgent imperialist offensive proved to be correct. The Korean People’s Army has proven to be a capable defender of socialist Korea’s sovereignty and the freedom of the Korean people. Without a doubt the imperialists will not dare to raise a hand against the DPR Korea, fearful as they should be of a strong rebuke.

CPGB ML Birmingham Kim Jong Il's Commemoration 2014

Today, thanks to comrade Kim Jong Il’s guidance, the DPR Korea stands as a beacon of hope in a world that has seen two decades of unbridled imperialist aggression. It proves to the people of the world that imperialism is a paper tiger, that it can be defeated by the effort of the world’s oppressed people and that a future free of exploitation, misery and war is possible.

Comrade Kim Jong Il is an especially shining example to the youth – not only the youth of Korea but the world over, including the revolutionary minded youth in Britain. Like his father before him, comrade Kim Jong Il became politically active at an early age and dedicated his whole life to serving his people and greatly contributing to the global struggle against imperialism.

Red Youth will always support the right of the youth and the masses to determine their own future, free from imperialist interference, and we take inspiration from the struggle to build a unified socialist country. In our drive to educate the youth of this country in the science of Marxism Leninism, we also do what we can to counter the lies spread by the imperialist media to the people of Britain. Little by little our people too are starting to see through the veiled imperialist propaganda, to reckon with the double standards and hypocrisy of “our” ruling class.

Red Youth will continue to educate our members on the history and present day reality of Korea, teach them about the achievements of the Korean masses led by the Worker’s Party of Korea and explain how they represent the victories of progressive humanity as a whole! The history of the DPRK is living proof that workers and peasants can overthrow their oppressors, seize power and take control of their lives. Imperialism is a decaying system; it is ready to be placed in the museum of antiquities. Socialism is alive and well today thanks to the Korean people’s ongoing efforts and represents the future of all humanity!

Long live the fraternal relations between Red Youth and Kim Il Sung Socialist Youth League!

Glory to the memory of Kim Jong Il!

Death to imperialism!