Immortal Technique tours UK


US rapper Immortal Technique is on a tour of the UK having been to Brixton and Birmingham already. Red Youth and cpgb-ml comrades have attended the gigs and distributed hundreds of copies of We Want Freedom to revolutionary minded youth.

We oppose the colonisation and degradation of youth culture

Owing to the inability of capitalism to provide a culture that truly represents our experience and aspirations, the working classes have over the years developed their own cultural forms to represent them (key examples being hip hop, reggae, jazz, jungle, graffiti and northern soul). However, corporations see these cultural forms as a potential source of profit, and the state sees the possibility of using them to promote reactionary propaganda, so that progressive voices tend to become sidelined and overwhelmed, unable to compete with the massive marketing machines surrounding those who are prepared to peddle a reactionary message. Recognising that the internet creates tremendous possibilities to spread our music and art, we call on young musicians and artists to stay independent and to retain creative control over their output. We must not hand our generation’s voice over to corporate control.

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