Maduro “ready to radicalise the revolution”

While the corrupt and reactionary agents of the bourgeoisie in Brazil have suspended democratically elected Dilma Rousseff’s presidential powers (Attempted Coup in Brazil – Proletarian), leaving the traitorous Temer holding the reins, the class struggle in Venezula intensifies.

Venezuela has suffered at the hands of the national and international bourgeoise and compradors who have conspired to sabotage the gains made by Chavez, Maduro, and the PSUV. Hoarding basic goods such as toilet roll and food, economic and infrastructural sabotage, capital flight, and more recently assassinations, combined with the drop in oil revenues, are just some of the tactics employed to undermine the popular democractic efforts to socialize Venezuela.

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Birmingham memorial meeting sends message to Venezuelan embassy

Chavez lives!

Tonight, in Birmingham, at the offices of the Birmingham branch of the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist – Leninist) our comrades organised a memorial meeting for our dear departed comrade Hugo Chavez. The meeting was supported by the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain), the Birmingham section of the Communist Corresponding Society and the community organisation from our area United We Stand, representing the people of Balsall Heath, Sparkbrook and Highgate. A number of local people, including a section of unemployed comrades working in the unemployed section of United We Stand gave messages expressing their love for Hugo Chavez and their solidarity with the Bolivarian Revolution.

As we are unable to attend London in time to sign the book of condolence we passed the following resolution unanimously,

Red Salute to Hugo Chavez from the revolutionary Birmingham proletariat!

A great revolutionary light has been extinguished, but the cause for which President Hugo Chávez fought lives on as his abiding legacy, for it is the finest cause in all the world – and he served it truly.

It is with profound sorrow that we learned of Comrade Chávez’s deteriorating medical condition and death, but his great spirit – which helped to transform the economic and political relations of his fellow workers, the Venezuelan masses, and the Americas – lives on.

Hugo Chávez will live forever in the hearts of the working masses of Venezuela, the Caribbean, Latin America, and all who struggle for the liberation of humanity.

Those assembled tonight at this memorial meeting in Birmingham, UK, pledge to do all we can in the coming months to ensure that imperialist interference in Venezuela’s internal affairs is scuppered, and that comrade Hugo Chavez’s immense contribution to building a socialist Latin America, and his work towards the defeat of imperialism is never forgotten!”