The western version of Ukrainian history is dishonest, to say the least…

A strange little online journal that calls itself ‘The Conversation’ with an intentionally mis-leading sub heading reading ‘Academic rigour, journalistic flair’ has weighed into the struggle of Western imperialism to demonise Russia, which is ultimately aimed at getting the massed populations of Britain, Europe and the USA to support any military adventurism that the leadership of said UK, EU and USA decide to partake in.

In a heavily flawed and outrageously dishonest article (Famine, subjugation, and nuclear fallout: How Soviet experience helped sow resentment among Ukrainians toward Russia) published on 27th January, 2022 by two American academics (Jacob Lassin and Emily Channell-Justice) posted in two US universities, one linked with payments from various reactionary organisations and bourgeois education while the other is linked to a Ukrainian nationalist organisation, the stall is set out to convince their readers of the nastiness of all things Soviet and Russian, and the innocence and victimhood of all those associated with contemporary Ukrainian nationalism.  Continue reading “The western version of Ukrainian history is dishonest, to say the least…”

Disrespectful Ukrainian stunt celebrated by “Pink News”

The fascists of Kiev, emboldened by their anticommunist sponsors, engaged in yet another action aimed at denigrating the legacy of the USSR and the humanism and class equality it stood for.

Activists on a payroll, used a drone to carry a giant rainbow flag to the top of the Motherland Monument in Kiev. This huge memorial to the Soviet war dead, was erected in 1981 and stands at an impressive 203 feet. Continue reading “Disrespectful Ukrainian stunt celebrated by “Pink News””

Anti-Fascist Solidarity with the Ukraine!

Comrade Paul, from Bristol Ukraine Anti-Fascist Solidarity (BUAFS) and the SW region of the party delivers a message to the CPGB-ML’s celebration of the 98th anniversary of the Great Socialist October Revolution – held on November 7th 2015 in Saklatvala Hall, Southall.

BUAFS hold a weekly picket outside the BBC in Bristol to protest the corporate media white-washing of the fascist forces, and their demonisation of the heroic antifascist forces of the Donetsk and Lugansk in Eastern Ukraine.

Add your voice and join them!

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Indian Workers in Britain – 50th Anniversary of the IWA (GB)

The Indian Workers Association (Great Britain), has played a significant role in the British working class movement over the last 60 years. The Grenwich & Bexley Heath branch of the Indian Workers Association (Great Britain) held this meeting to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the founding of their branch. (1:34)


Harpal Brar, National organiser of the IWA (GB), and chairman of the CPGB-ML gives a landmark speech reflecting on the history of the IWA (GB). The organisation was able, in its time, to organise demonstrations of tens and hundreds of thousands of workers, and regularly held meetings of 4-5,00 members and supporters, throughout the country.

Ghadar Party 100th Anniversary,
Ghadar Party 100th Anniversary,

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Birmingham communists stand with Russia against imperialist aggression

Harpal Brar Ukraine Talk

A meeting organised by the Communist Party in Birmingham, West Midlands was addressed by Harpal Brar this Sunday. The meeting was held in the party building near the city centre and began with two short film showings demonstrating the brutality of the Kiev fascists who have murdered innocent people in Odessa, Slavyansk, Mariupol and various other towns these last few weeks and the disgusting assertion by one pro-Kiev coup government Mayor that Hitler was a liberator from Stalin and the USSR.

The meeting is one of a series of meetings which in general are addressing the theme imperialism and war and it follows on from similar successful events in Liverpool and London. Other regions are preparing to host Harpal and other members of the central committee of the CPGB-ML and the next will be held in Glasgow on Saturday May 31further details to be announced. If you would like to have the talk in your own town, get in touch via

The Birmingham meeting was well attended by local party comrades and friends and heard an expert summary of the Marxist teachings on imperialism and war. Comrade Harpal spoke about the reasons for war, the class contradictions which give rise to war, the different types of war and the attitude of communists towards war. He talked about the role of opportunism and social chauvinism in the anti-war movement, and importantly the meeting went on to address questions of vital significance for us here in Britain today. The comrades assembled in Birmingham expressed their opinion that in the event of US or British imperialist aggression against Russia or China, the Communist Party of Great Britain (Marxist – Leninist) would work for the defeat of our own government and support the defense of Russia and socialist China. It was the view of the majority that war against Russia or China would be reactionary, would strengthen the forces of imperialism and would therefore need to be opposed by revolutionaries. Comrades rejected the notion peddled in some quarters that because Russia is not a socialist country we would adopt a “plague on both your houses” attitude, and that rather than take such a backward step we should declare ourselves firmly on the side of the victim of imperialist aggression.