Communists celebrate Bolshevik Revolution

Comrades from the Communist Party and Red Youth were joined by representatives from the embassies of Venezuela,  Cuba and DPR Korea to celebrate the anniversary of the Great October Socialist Revolution. Our close friends from the Chinese state news agency Xinhua were also present to celebrate this joyous occasion.

October Revolution Celebrations Southall LDN 2013

In a packed Saklatvala Hall a spirited meeting heard speakers from the central committee of the CPGB-ML, the embassies of Cuba, Venezuela and Korea, Harsev Bains from the I.W.A (G.B) and two leading members of Red Youth.

Our international guests recalled the heroic struggles for national liberation, independence and socialism which were and continue to be waged as a result of the glorious October Revolution. In the speeches of comrade Dan and Angela, Red Youth speakers declared:

“We still talk about the October Revolution today because all the lessons it teaches us are still relevant, perhaps moreso now than ever before both in our country and internationally.

In the UK over a fifth of young people are unemployed, with a similar rate across Europe. In countries such as Spain and Greece the rates today reach 56% and 61% respectively. Everyone knows why we’re facing this current capitalist crisis – the irresponsibility of bankers, the greed of the corporate elite, and the complicity of these governments in the destructive imperial capitalist machine. And yet every measure directed to stave off complete financial collapse has been directed at the working classes; cuts to health, cuts to transport, taxes on spare bedrooms, measures that will only affect the very poorest. Many families are now relying on food banks, or having to make the choice whether to go to bed hungry or cold as fuel prices relentlessly increase.

This is not to mention the already existing disparity between the working classes and the elite. Whereas the 7% of pupils that can afford to attend independent schools make up 39% of the students at top universities the poorest 33% of students only make up 6%, no wonder when parliament is filled with millionaires….

The revolution and the changes that followed inspired similar events in China, Cuba, Vietnam, Korea, and many other countries. No longer in the Soviet Union and these other socialist countries was a full education the preserve of the wealthy, health care wasn’t just for those that could afford it, access to employment, housing, and food wasn’t based on whether or not you had the connections or luck to secure a job in tough economic times. And these revolutions were necessarily not just economic – they were social too, doing away with any notion of privilege related to gender or race. Every single metric relating to quality of life improved.

So we will celebrate the October Revolution every year, and we will share the lessons it has taught us and the rest of the working class, that we have a duty to form a vanguard party and to educate the working classes, to teach people that there is an alternative to slaving away for the bourgeoisie in return for cuts to public services, mass unemployment, homelessness, and starvation. Hence the motto of Red Youth: Each One, Teach One!

More photo’s of the event will appear here shortly.

Being a communist in Britain

It’s now six months since our beloved friend and comrade Godfrey Andries Cremer died, on 26 March 2012. This tribute, paid to him by his life-long friend, his brother, and comrade, Harpal Brar, is the first of several moving and politically insightful contributions we intend to broadcast, made by his comrades and family.

This and the other contributions were made at his memorial meeting held in April this year, attended by well over 120 of his friends, family and comrades, who packed into Saklatvala Hall to share our sorrow at Godfrey’s passing and our joy that he has enriched our lives.

Despite our sadness, it was an inspiring and uplifting celebration of the 50 selfless and meaningful years Godfrey devoted to the finest cause in all the world – the fight for the liberation of mankind.

As we move forward and build our movement, it has been hard to accept that Godfrey is gone. We share this footage with you now as it is a valuable chance to reflect upon the past half-century of British working class and anti-imperialist history; to evaluate the struggles we have fought, and put the tasks facing us in historical perspective.

It is, consequently, an uplifting celebration of a beautiful life. Godfrey’s deep love for humanity, his profound marxist understanding, and his determination to use all his talent to serve the working class by building a truly revolutionary movement dedicated to their emancipation from wage slavery, and a communist party capable of directing that struggle, were his consistent motivating forces.

It was this higher cause and meaning that enabled him to harness his creative powers and live an outstanding and exemplary life; a life full of passion and joy, free of black despair and wasted, petty and meaningless years.

Godfrey faced his final moments with the same optimism and fortitude that characterized his life. His abiding certainty was that his life’s work was a great gift to humanity – and we salute him for it.

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