No Gulf War

No to war in Iran! Defeat imperialism!

The targeted assassination of Iran’s ‘indispensable’ Major General, Qasem Soleimani has been the most reckless imperialist act of war since the bombing of Syrian air bases. Imperialism’s failure to subdue Syria’s legitimate government…
No Gulf War

Hands Off Syria, Victory to Assad: An exchange between the CPGB-ML and Media Lens.

The correspondence below was written by a CPGB-ML member in response to an article that appeared on titled ‘Structural inclinations – the leaning tower of propaganda: chemical weapons attacks in Ghouta, Syria’ on 9 October. We…
No Gulf War

Syria and Iran resist imperialist aggression

From the January 2012 edition of Lalkar Maddened by its own crisis, imperialism is being driven ever deeper into war. The targets currently singled out for aggression, in particular by Washington, London and Tel Aviv, are the independent…
No Gulf War

More hand-wringing and breast-beating from Stop the War Coalition leaders

CPGB-ML Blog, December 7, 2011 On Monday 5 December, Stop the War Coalition held a rally at Conway Hall headlined Don’t Attack Iran. Everyone in the hall (apart from the usual smattering of MI5 agents) was in agreement: none of us wanted…
No Gulf War

Imperialism and the Iranian 'nuclear threat'

Those sinister Iranians are at it again. Reuters is today reporting: “ Iran has started moving nuclear material to an underground facility for the pursuit of sensitive atomic activities, a U.N. nuclear agency report showed, a development…