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What does Stalin mean today? Part Two

Comrades from Red Youth gave a presentation to the Stalin Society on Sunday, discussing what the vital lessons of the Russian revolution, Stalin's role in building socialism, and what it means to us today. The presentation from comrade Dan…
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Bedroom Tax protests across Britain

Demonstrations have taken place across Britain this weekend in opposition to the hated "Bedroom Tax". Blaming the poor for poverty When the Bedroom Tax comes into force on 1 April, 14 percent will be cut from housing benefit for households…
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School essay – a youths appraisal of Marxism in the 21st century

A Red Youth and cpgb-ml candidate from Stafford gave his teacher a shock with this appraisal of Marxism which the class was asked to complete as an assignment! Defending communism and the question of communism in the 21st Century It is a…
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Trotskyism or Leninism?

[youtube=] Harpal Brar delivers a 45-minute presentation on the theory and practice of Trotsky and ‘Trotskyites’, followed by Q&A at the CPGB-ML’s Party Study…