Red Youth speak at October Revolution Celebration

Dan and Angela of Red Youth speak at the celebration of the Great October Socialist Revolution, shortly before heading up the Red Youth / CPGB-ML delegation to the world festival of Youth and Students in Quito, Ecuador, in December 2013.

Speaking to a packed meeting at Saklatvala hall, in Southall, West London, they describe the attacks of the capitalist class on British workers during the past 5 years of crisis, and the lessons that young British Students and Workers can draw from the inspirational struggle of the Russian workers led by the Bolsheviks leading up to the October revolution in 1917, and their success in overthrowing that decadent parasitic and moribund Capitalism in crisis, that continues to blight our lives today.

In constructing the Soviet Economy, to serve the needs of the masses of working people of those lands, the Soviet people demonstrated that it IS possible to build an alternative world; of peaceful development, cooperation and solidarity, abolishing racial and sexual discrimination, and ending crisis, famine, war, and the crippling and inhuman exploitation of man by man and nation by nation.

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London Meeting to Celebrate the October Revolution – THIS SATURDAY, 5th NOVEMBER!

Comrades and Friends,

if you’re near London this weekend, come and celebrate the 94th Anniversary of the October Revolution with us.

Saklatvala Hall, Southall, West London, Middlesex, UB2 1AA

this Saturday –  5th November –  at 6pm

It will be a political and cultural highlight of the year. Speeches, song, live music, food and drink. Free entry. Collection based solely upon your political good will. Come and discuss any issue with us.  Join us – Join the Struggle!

A taster: Harpal Brar on the signifigance of October:

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Look forward to seeing you – Red Salute!