Sick of the election campaign already? Join the struggle!

An editorial by one of our younger Red Youth members. As the following shows, with Marxism to enlighten them, even school students are capable of understanding those basic truths about the present economic system that somehow seem to elude whole battalions of erudite professors.

Red Youth and CPGB-ML members gather before the May Day march, 1 May 2015

Are you tired of the same old lies and bound-to-be-broken promises we are being subjected to during this showcase of ‘western democracy’? Are you sick of the pitiful facade that the mainstream parties are kindly putting on for us in order to try and convince the country they are the best party to do the job of hiding the real cause of the financial crisis: capitalism? You’re not the only one.

However, as the general election approaches in Britain, more and more people seem to be falling for the Labour party’s patronising ‘For the people’ rhetoric. It seems that an awful lot of people have been hoodwinked into thinking that a vote for Labour is a progressive vote, while a vote for the Tories is a vote for more austerity and privatisation. That idea is partially correct, of course – the Tories will bring more austerity and privatisation.

But the key point for us to understand is that so will a vote for any of the main capitalist parties, Labour included, because they all serve the same class and follow the same one-point programme: to preserve the profits of the capitalists and the system of capitalist exploitation at all costs! The only real way the parties differ is in the extent to which they hide their true intentions and how they present themselves to the people.

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TTIP protests across Europe

No TTIP European Day of Action, London, UK 11 Oct 2014.

CPGB-ML and Red Youth activists attended and spoke at a demonstration opposing TTIP today at Shepherd’s Bush in West London (see video below).

TTIP is the latest in the legacy of cuts and privatisation ushered in by successive imperialist governments, and has been rearing it’s ugly head with increasing frequency in the media recently – but not without opposition, despite the best attempts of our governments and media to sanitise it, and brush its anti-social effects under the carpet.

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