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What does Stalin mean today? Part One

Comrades from Red Youth yesterday gave a presentation to the Stalin Society, discussing what the vital lessons of the Russian revolution, Stalin's role in building socialism, and what it means to us today. The presentation by comrade Corinne…

Ol’ Man River: Robeson’s Legacy

Comrades last week joined a packed audience at Marx Memorial Library to celebrate the life, work, and message of Paul Robeson 40 years after his death. A panel consisting of Glenroy Watson, Hakim Adi, George Galloway, Paul Reid, and Tayo Aluko…
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Wigan Diggers Festival 2015: Revolutionary British History!

Red Youth and CPGB-ML attended the Wigan Diggers festival on Saturday, remembering another aspect of the people's British history, rather than the bourgeois narratives that seek to erase the rich heritage of workers in this country and abroad.
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Imperialism and war: Why did WW1, WW2 and every other war since REALLY happen? This is a VERY important presentation on the anti-war movement: PLEASE WATCH AND SHARE! Harpal Brar speaks at a meeting in Birmingham, on the topic of…